Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Weekly recap

We are the chosen.

Genealogy Bug
by Alice Mickey Weddle

Our world is a quiet, peaceful place
We go along at a smooth, even pace;
Until that bug, "Genealogy" bites
Then all is changed, both days and nights.

We search and research every nook and cranny
To find all we can about Gramps and Granny,
Dad and Mom, Uncles and Cousins
We quiz them all, dozens and dozens.

In books we read, in records we search
In old courthouses, and in the church;
We hope to find a great, or a great great
Where they lived, why and how they rate.

With pleasure our records we compile
Each one we add brings a smile:
We are inspired, life is much brighter
That bug, "Genealogy" is a real biter.